Digital Fabrics Winter Blooms Competition

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Digital Fabrics – Winter Blooms At the beginning of June 2016, Digital Fabrics announced a new fabric design competition, to be held on Instagram, my favourite social media platform! The theme was Winter Blooms. The prize was $500 worth of custom printing on cotton fabric & an opportunity to sell the winning design in their online shop. It has been 2 years since their last competition, that was held on Pinterest. The theme was Botanical Extract. I entered 3 designs & made top 10, but … Read More

Barbara Palvin – Marie Claire Italy – May 2104

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I Just love all of these images! I saw one of them years ago on someones Instagram page, but there was no credit to where they were from. So of course I scoured the net and found the source & found it. I love a bit of detective work. Marie Claire Italy – May 2014 – Barbara Palvin By David Bellemere. My favourite image of all! I love the colour palette! model: barbara palvin (img) photographer: david bellemere stylist: elisabetta massari hair: roberto pagnini (free-lancer) make-up: tatsu yamanaka (mariefrance) Marie … Read More

Adorned – Shoot – Part II

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Welcome to Adorned photoshoot part II. I did these a few Fridays ago, with my husband. In the first 7 photos I’m wearing the same outfit that I finished the Adorned shoot part I post on, but with a few Colourful additions. In the rest of the photos I’m wearing a completely different outfit, with gold make up. The jewellery is also changed up! It got rather late, I was feeling tired & a bit delirious, & our DIY lighting was getting harder … Read More

Vogue – Tomorrows Tribe

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– Vogue Australia | April 2014 | Tomorrows Tribe – Vogue does it again! I know this is from last year, but it will never get old in my book! If you haven’t ever seen this photoshoot, you are in for a treat! I love it! I love everything about this campaign. EVERYTHING! It’s just AMAZING! The texture, the rawness, the layering. The model, the makeup, the hair. The lighting, & the understated elegance of it all! My shoot doesn’t even … Read More

Adorned – Shoot – Part I

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Last Friday My husband and I did an impromptu photo shoot. I was really excited by the September 2015 Patternmash theme – Vuvalini, inspired by the new Mad Max Fury Road film. It reminded me of the AMAZING Vogue April 2014 campaign – Tomorrows Tribe! (I’ll do a separate post to share those images.) The theme Vuvalini made me think about the idea of hoarding beautiful things, collecting treasures, the value we put on what we adorn ourselves in. I wanted to create some images, using ALL my jewellery, … Read More

Poolside Nostalgia

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About two months ago I joined Patternmash! & IT IS AMAZING! “The Patternmash Project is a monthly creative challenge to respond to a specific theme and collection of images and is open to anybody looking for a “live” brief. Whether you are a student or graduate wanting to refresh your portfolio, a freelancer keen to experiment with a new look or maybe you are a hobbyist designer who would appreciate some honest feedback and new ideas, Patternmash is a one-stop shop providing trend focused … Read More

Flowers & Treasures + Flat lays = SO MUCH FUN!

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I have day dreamed about photographing all my sacred geometry, trinkets and treasures in flat lays for a while now. You know… one of those idea’s that you know will be RAD but it just stays at the back of your mind in the “yes it will be fun but you have more important things to do” area… and it just gets left behind. Flats lays have such great impact and are really fun and simple to put together. I love how they aren’t … Read More


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Welcome to my Flashback Friday post. Back in 2001 I was doing a BTEC Art foundation Course at Strode College, UK. Although I enjoyed the course I felt pretty lost in my direction and speciality skill. While most people were dead set on their area of skill (screen printing, graphic design, film or fine art), I wondered between everything, doing a blend of collage, photography, painting and photoshop. Our 4th assignment brief was “Identity”. That was it… we could do what ever we liked. … Read More