Vogue – Tomorrows Tribe

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– Vogue Australia | April 2014 | Tomorrows Tribe – Vogue does it again! I know this is from last year, but it will never get old in my book! If you haven’t ever seen this photoshoot, you are in for a treat! I love it! I love everything about this campaign. EVERYTHING! It’s just AMAZING! The texture, the rawness, the layering. The model, the makeup, the hair. The lighting, & the understated elegance of it all! My shoot doesn’t even … Read More

Moyo magazine feature

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I have been featured in the latest issue of Moyo magazine – Issue 7 2014, in the Student Showcase section. I’m on page 138! How exciting is that!? I knew I was going to be, but even so, part of me wondered if they’d really include me. Silly self doubt creeping in. But there I am! Alongside a selection of other amazing designers who I greatly respect & admire. Rebecca Ng | Liz Solfield | Carolyn Greifield | Joanne Cocker | Mary … Read More