Digital Fabrics Winter Blooms Competition

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Digital Fabrics – Winter Blooms At the beginning of June 2016, Digital Fabrics announced a new fabric design competition, to be held on Instagram, my favourite social media platform! The theme was Winter Blooms. The prize was $500 worth of custom printing on cotton fabric & an opportunity to sell the winning design in their online shop. It has been 2 years since their last competition, that was held on Pinterest. The theme was Botanical Extract. I entered 3 designs & made top 10, but … Read More

Adorned – Shoot – Part II

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Welcome to Adorned photoshoot part II. I did these a few Fridays ago, with my husband. In the first 7 photos I’m wearing the same outfit that I finished the Adorned shoot part I post on, but with a few Colourful additions. In the rest of the photos I’m wearing a completely different outfit, with gold make up. The jewellery is also changed up! It got rather late, I was feeling tired & a bit delirious, & our DIY lighting was getting harder … Read More

Spot of Yellow – Thursday Feature

The Questions… 1. When did you realise this was your destiny? I have always loved to draw. I love a simple line drawing that tells a story. I really enjoy bold, crisp images that are cute and that relate to my life. When I was 15 I decided that this creative thing was something I really enjoyed and I was kind of ok at it. I have very encouraging parents that supported my passion, even to this day.  2. What has been … Read More

Creative Business Women’s High Tea

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North Coast Creative Business Women’s High Tea is a new event in my area. At first I wasn’t sure if I should go. I can be quite shy sometimes & I’m not a massively social person. But I have decided I should get out more and be open to new opportunities and experiences. So I booked my spot. I didn’t really know what to expect other than my friend Nina was singing during the break and my friend Sahar was providing yummy Organic Miracles … Read More