JeliRAD Colour Palette – Waipio Valley

This is from Roll #11 of My World Collides, double exposure photo art. Waipio Valley is found along the Hamakua Coast line on the Northeastern side of the Big Island, Hawaii. It is close to the town of Honaka’a. It is a crazy, steep drive down the mountain side road and there are numerous burnt out, crushed cars that paid the ultimate price for ascending into the beautiful, tropical, hidden valley. There is a river that runs to the sea, where we sat and … Read More

JeliRAD Colour Palette – Airlie Beach Palm Trees

This weeks photo is from my 4 month stay in Airlie Beach, QLD, where I worked in a Fuji photo lab at the local chemist. It’s hard to imagine that I didn’t have a fancy phone or a digital camera and I didn’t even know what Facebook was! Using the internet involved checking my emails and that was it! Before Airlie Beach, I picked tomatoes in Bowen, which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone! It was meant to be a 4 week minimum stay, … Read More

JeliRAD Colour Palette – Belongil Beach Heart

I’m not being too precious about which photo I use and what the outcome of the colours are and although I am not immediately drawn to this palette, you just never know how it could translate into a design, until you try it out. It could be incredible! The design process should not be ruled over by a colour palette you may have decided to use. If things flow in a certain direction and a colour becomes unsuitable, just don’t use … Read More

JeliRAD Colour Palette – Woolgoolga Beach

Welcome to Colour Palette Wednesdays. I have decided to start making colour palettes from my photo archives. I have so many photo’s that aren’t being used for anything other than adorning my walls (yes real photos on real walls) or hiding in my photo albums (yes real photos in real albums!). So I thought what better way to use them, than to share them with all of you in this fun, colourful, creative way. Most of the colour palettes I have used in my designs so far … Read More