Caroline Alkire – Child of the Mountains

I love discovering amazing new things. Especially when it’s an artist that I have never heard of or ever seen before, and then one day, POP, they become part of my world and open my eyes to see things a little differently and remind me that there really is room for all kinds of creativity and being unique is awesome! So it was about 2 days ago that majestic disorder magazine posted an image by Caroline Alkire, as inspiration on their Instagram. Just like that I was … Read More

Edmund Dulac – Fairy Tale Illustration

Edmund Dulac worked alongside Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham to create successful gift books in the early 20th century.   “Edmund Dulac (born Edmond Dulac; October 22, 1882 – May 25, 1953) was a French magazine illustrator, book illustrator and stamp designer. Born in Toulouse he studied law but later turned to the study of art the École des Beaux-Arts. He moved to London early in the 20th century where he received a commission to illustrate Jane Eyre. Later through his association with a gallery and publishing company … Read More

Rex Ray – Artist Inspiration

Using an amazing technique, Rex Ray produces exquisite and unique works of art that really stand out and ooze style! They have a nostalgic, art deco, retro, curvy vibe and also tap into a fantasy realm which is very appealing to me. The shapes, bright colours and delicate lacy details make his work so stunning. I just love it all! “Rex Ray is a San Francisco based fine artist, whose collages, paintings and design work have been exhibited at galleries and … Read More

Kay Nielsen – Fantasy Fairy Tale Illustration

I am absolutely in love with fantasy fairy tale illustrations from bygone eras. I love getting lost in the imagery, full of wonder, dripping with style, magic, mystery, elegance and intrigue. There is just something gritty and nostalgic about it that makes me want to jump in and become part of the dreamlike fantasy. I am going to look at an extensive array of fairy tale artists, from a list I have compiled, that goes on forever. So brace yourselves for a weekly dose … Read More

Creation in Motion

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Creation in motion is a time lapse video I made when I put one of my ideas into action. I had the idea for a while but having a new born baby put it on hold. Finally I found windows of time to cut out the many petals from old national geographic magazines that haunt every garage sale and op shop I visit. I first made the petal template, which is actually a lot harder than you might think! I … Read More

50 mandalas in 50 days

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50 day mandala challenge! Between module one (Aug 2013) and two (Nov 2013) of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design I decided to keep my creativity flowing by setting myself a little challenge. I set out to draw one mandala a day for 50 days. Most days it went fine.. some days I found it harder to unwind and relax to get into the right head space to just let the drawings appear freely onto the paper. Overall … Read More