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The past few weeks I’ve noticed a campaign going around called R U OK?
I knew it had something to do with asking your friends if they are ok, and generally taking an interest in people’s well being, to help prevent depression and even suicide. But thats all I knew.
I didn’t investigate, no one bought it up in discussion, and no one asked me if I was ok? Not that I even really thought about it, until the last few days.

I’ve thought about the people that don’t get asked. What if some people need a prompt or a tool to open up about there not so rose coloured life, but no one asks? I’m talking about people who are REALLY unhappy and possibly suicidal.

Then I had an idea. A way for people to express themselves without needing to be asked, with a tool to help put their stories forward. Like a reverse of the campaign. They can speak out and make those around them, that do actually care, aware of their current state of mind.

I am genuine and transparent on my Instagram account, the main social media platform I share a window to my world on. If I’m having a bad day and I happen to feel like sharing a post, I’ll include that I’m feeling unhappy, stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed with life, and I always get beautiful, encouraging, loving comments, which is really heart warming!

I digress… so yes, I was saying… I had an IDEA!

I decided to make these memes (yes, I just used THAT word!) for people to use & share!

Feel free to share the one that is relevant to you, and tell your friends and followers WHY you have shared it! Why are you OK? Why aren you not you OK? Don’t hold back! Be confident! You are starting the conversation! You matter! Your feelings matter! You are unique! People care about you!

So, R U OK?



Please download this ZIP file. It contains both images for you to use and share.

JeliRAD – R U OK?

I’m going to share more with different designs soon too. But for now please use these. Thank you X

If you share these on Instagram, Twitter or any other hashtag wielding platform, please include the #jeliradruok in your post so I can see it and give you some love! X

I should probably share some information about the actual campaign.

“In 1995, much-loved Barry Larkin was far from ok. His suicide left family and friends in deep grief and with endless questions.

In 2009, his son Gavin Larkin chose to champion just one question to honour his father and to try and protect other families from the pain his endured.

Are you ok?

While collaborating with Janina Nearn on a documentary to raise awareness, the team quickly realized the documentary alone wouldn’t be enough.

To genuinely change behaviour Australia-wide, a national campaign was needed. And from this realisation, and with Gavin and Janina’s expertise and passion, R U OK? was born.

Gavin remained a passionate champion of the fact a conversation could change a life, even as cancer ended his in 2011.

His and Janina’s legacy is ensuring all Australians realise a little question can make a big difference to those people struggling with life.”

Read more about it here, here, & here.

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