Project Strong Woman – JeliRAD feature

Project Strong Woman – JeliRAD feature

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Today I want to share this awesome news with you!

Project Strong Woman

I met Shauna through periscope, of all places. (At one point I was actually periscoping from time to time… another platform I need to work on!)
We’d watch each others live streams, sharing smoothie tips and laughs… and of course we began following each other on Instagram.
That’s where I found out about her work Project Strong Woman. Go check it out! The stories Shauna shares are amazing and inspiring! The work she’s doing is admirable and her vision is strong!

It’s been a bit quiet on this page recently, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Shauna– primary school teacher, social media enthusiast, foodie and founder of Project Strong Woman. The start of this year has been a bit of a whirlwind with me starting my first teaching job, hence this is page not as active as it has previously been. In 2015 I started to notice that so many women were simply unaware of their beauty, value and the power and importance of their story. As a result 2015 saw the launch of Project Strong Woman. Quite often society celebrates notable stories of strength, hope or justice; however there seems to be little celebration of the many smaller stories. The vision of Project Strong Woman is to inspire, empower and celebrate women (and men) from a myriad of backgrounds; celebrating diversity and encouraging spontaneous affirmation. I’m a woman– I understand how women can be. I want this page to foster a culture of empowerment and celebration amongst women from all walks of life. My wish is for Project Strong Woman to be a platform, where the stories and journeys of everyday ordinary women, are told and a new generation of women are inspired and empowered. I have some exciting things planned for this year and appreciate your continued support. If you’d like to nominate someone to be a Strong Woman, please send me an email at and we can chat. ?: @emilyrexmusic #projectstrongwoman #strongwoman #inspire #empower #celebrate #founder #ideas #girlboss #watchthisspace #2016 #beauty #story #journey #spontaneous #affirmation #teacher #socialmedia #foodie #diversity

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One thing led to another and eventually she asked me if I’d like to be featured… and of course I said YES!

It was shared on Project Strong Woman’s Instagram account today and here it is…

Meet Anjuli. Born in Australia to two eccentric, musical and artistic parents, Anjuli grew up in Glastonbury, UK with her sister and mother, after her parents separated when she was 3. During her early childhood, they lived in a B&B attic room and attended nearly every festival in the land. Involved in countless community plays, dance performances, alternative events and celebrations for every reason possible, her upbringing was colourful and she had an amazing group of friends.  Despite this, life was burdened by an unhealthy relationship with her mother, which worsened into her late teens. Feeling emotionally burnt out and unmotivated to do University, Anjuli spent a few years travelling and working, to help find her purpose, and began a relationship with a life long friend. They later married and, after the birth of their daughter, migrated to Australia in 2008. Unfortunately a sense of displacement and depression took hold of her. Eager to shake it off and desperate for a creative outlet, Anjuli would make art, including painting their appliances. In 2013 she finally found and enrolled in an online surface pattern design course which has led to her starting her own business – JeliRAD Designs. Finding the balance between motherhood and designing, Anjuli continues to do what she loves and focuses on one day having her own homewares range, and also joining a design studio! She is a Strong Woman. #projectstrongwoman #strongwoman #jeliraddesigns #Australia #London #Sydney #UK #designer #pattern #mother #migration #entrepreneur #business #motherhood #mom #artist #creative #traveller #wanderlust #inspire #empower #celebrate #blackandwhite

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Please go and learn more about Shauna’s project and support her by liking her Instagram and Facebook Pages ….and like and comment on my feature!!!!


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