My eyes, my reality, my world collides.

No one can ever recreate this moment that I am standing Here, in this Time, looking at This.

My photos are time traveling, living in two windows of my life forever entwined and crystallised.

United in compositions controlled only by thoughtful concepts of light filling dark.

Perfection is limited and serendipity reigns free.

I let you in. Into my mind. What my eyes see, you see.

It’s satisfying, filling the darkness with light.

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This one came out amazing!


Okay, so layer two didn’t come out due to a crap camera and bad light ūüôĀ …but I love these shots too much to leave out!


Most of these photos are available for licensing.

All of the photos are created in-camera, by loading the film twice!
I have used various cameras to take these pictures including automatic &¬†wind on SLR’s, op shop automatics &¬†cheap plastic wind ons.
This is why the image quality varies.
It is also why some layers don’t line up. Although automatic wind on is a safe bet, it is not always guaranteed. It’s super awesome when a film lines up perfectly but staggered photos can be amazing too… it’s all just part of the fun!
Other than the process of developing the film & putting it onto cd, I have not edited the images & really love the fact they are untouched!

Collaborations & commissions are very welcome. Contact me.