Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Maggie Rogers – Alaska

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Maggie Rogers – Alaska

A few weeks ago I discovered THE Maggie Rogers masterclass with Pharrell Williams. I was immediately mesmerised by Maggie’s presence & maturity. When the song started playing I had goosebumps. It is amazing!

The Video

Watch the below video from 18.14min to see Maggie Rogers section.

For me, it’s sound is reminiscent of Flight Facilities “Crave You” & The XX “Crystalised”. Although it is definitely stand alone.

I really like Pharrell’s comments about being individual, singular & authentic. It crosses over into all creative pursuits. Even surface pattern design.

I feel overwhelmed at times by what other people are doing. Comparing myself to people I’ve never met. Forgetting that my circumstances & the point I’m at in my journey, is different to theirs. I am unique & there is NO ONE else in the history of existence that is the same as me. Watching this footage reminded me not to forget this. It’s so obvious but so easy to overlook. I need to be confident in my decisions & the direction I want to take my designs in. There is room for me in the pattern design world. What I create is authentic & expressive. I bring something to the table. I need to trust myself & my instincts. I look forward to my future & am happy to be able to share my journey with you all.

The Song

After much anticipation, the single was released on 16th June 2016. I bought it from iTunes today & haven’t stopped playing it.

At a time when authenticity & individuality is so important & hard to achieve, it’s really refreshing to see that this kind of sincere, raw talent is still out there.

I can’t wait to see the music video for Alaska! She is definitely someone to follow. Her world is changing around her & it’s so exciting to see it all unfold.

Maggie Rogers Alaska Cover JeliRAD BLOG

The Lyrics

Maggie shared the lyrics on her Instagram.Maggie Rogers Alaska JeliRAD BLOG

Maggie Rogers Alaska JeliRAD BLOG


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