The Krumble Empire – Thursday Feature

Kim Von Coels aka Kim Krumble of The Krumble Empire

was Germanly bred by a musician and a mad woman, in Euskirchen, near Cologne.
Kim lives in 
Glastonbury, Somerset Shire, UK… aka The Centre of the Universe.

Kim is one of my best friends. We grew up together doing crazy pantomimes with our crazy mums and their crazy friends. We had a generally RAD life growing up in Glastonbury with our big tribe of RAD friends, doing RAD creative things and partying like pro’s.
It’s so awesome that we both still do mega creative stuff and still get to connect creatively even though I moved to the other side of the world. I do get a bit sad sometimes when I see the crazy fun things that are going down in G-bury and wish I could join in with the antics.
Kim is coming to Australia next year though, so we are going to do some RAD stuff together!
You just better watch out for what we collaborate on in the future!

“I was clever enough at school, arty enough at college, photographed my way through university to then float around the planet gaining worldly experience that inspires a life in Glastonbury full of art, photography, film, music, friends and fun.
I make pictures and take pictures. I collect unusual things. I photograph things I see and create things I want to see. I paint murals and dress people up in outrageous outfits, then make them dance around spaces while I photograph their awesomeness.
I also sometimes sing or model or direct n style stuff. I make clothes and jewellery and I am a mum.”

Published work:

• Book Cover and content. The Creative Photographer by John Ingledew.

Kim Von Coels - Book Cover. American Edition. The Creative Photographer by John Ingledew

• Book Cover. The Heretic’s guide to Vegan Cookery by Andy Murray.

• Advertising. Printed in Sidewalk Surfer Skate Mag for Lovenskate.

GetInline Lovenskate advert, Sidewalk Mag. The krumble empire - JeliRAD Blog.

published work lovenskate sidewalk+sophie - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD Blog.

The Questions…

1. When did you realise that this was your destiny?

My destiny is broader than my art. I am just doing the things I enjoy doing and I hope that people like it.

2. What has been the hardest part of pursuing a creative career?

Making Money

3. Describe a typical day in your creative life….

Get up, drink coffee, converse with creative collaborators via the internet, collect ‘things’, go somewhere awesome, meet creative people, drink a beer and smoke a joint with said creative people, set up, do it, what ever ‘it’ may be…. have fun, pack up, go home, eat, edit, be satisfied, go to sleep.

4. What’s your favourite day of the week? …& Why?

…the day that is the sunniest with the funnest stuff to do.

5. If money wasn’t an issue, what 3 things would you do next?

Invest in my home.
Open a shop/studio/artistic community.

6. What advice would you give to people who plan on quitting their day job, to do what they love?

Be realistic, be determined, work hard. Use the internet!

7. What’s next on the horizon for you/your business?

Adventures in warmer climates, then hopefully upgrading cameras and experimenting.

8. Tell us something random about yourself… (a story, a weird talent, a happy memory etc)

I’m impatient. I don’t like beetroot, I like the feel of sloppy mud between my toes, I am scared of deep water, I enjoy the smell of rain on hot ground, I have climbed a mountain and swam with sharks, I once ate guinea pig for lunch, and I have also licked a toad. It was a really big toad.

9. If you were a ______, what would you be?

If I was a word, I would always be on the tip of your tongue.

10. Whats your favourite Quote?

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Mae West
“Veritas vos liberabit” (Latin. “the truth shall set you free”)

Art Direction/Styling/Set design

(photography by Paul Roylance)

The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Lilly La Reine
The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Tribal Queen
The creation - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
The Creation
The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Feast of the Zombie Brides
Carytides - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog


Graphic Eagle - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Graphic Eagle
Abstract Stairway - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
The Krumble Empire’s Abstract Stairway.


Jez - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Jez and the Plastic Dress
danny - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Danny in Ultra Violet
alex - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
German Alex
liz - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Liz Red/Green


penguin stencil sticker - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Penguin Stickers
snow leopard - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Snow Leopard
skeleton with wings - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Skeleton with Wings
heron stencil - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
The Heron
hawk illustration - The Krumble Empire - JeliRAD - Blog
Hawk Illustration

Here’s a few more totally RAD video’s for you to feast your eye’s upon.

Check out more of Paul’s films, here and more of Boris’s films, here.

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