Creation in Motion

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Creation in motion is a time lapse video I made when I put one of my ideas into action. I had the idea for a while but having a new born baby put it on hold. Finally I found windows of time to cut out the many petals from old national geographic magazines that haunt every garage sale and op shop I visit.

I first made the petal template, which is actually a lot harder than you might think! I then thoughtfully selected what imagery would appear in each petal, while also trying to get maximum petals from each magazine page to minimise waste!

I bought some non permanent glue spray & on the 28th Dec 2011 I set up my camera, gave 4m old baby Kweli to his dad and got busy! It was so much fun I can’t believe I haven’t done more… although cutting the petals is extremely time consuming!

Oh & the fact I am wearing a top with a petal shape cut out the back is pure coincidence, but pretty cool! I didn’t even realise it until I watched the video back!

Some more info about creation mandalas….

The Creation Mandala represents the Matrix of Creation. It holds within it the codes and blueprints of life itself. It is the creation of form, density and life. It reminds us of our connection to Oneness, to Source, to Ascension.
It is the most significant symbol in Sacred Geometry, as all geometric shapes find their origin in the Creation Matrix.
Sacred Geometry is the language of Creation. A universal language which allows us to access ancient knowledge contained in our cellular memory.
When worn or seen, the Creation Mandala calms the over-stimulation of the adrenal glands, reducing anxiety and fear.*

*With their permission, this info is from The Template Australia. There is also some basic information on wikipedia.

For some super in-depth information on this geometry, check out the immense body of work that is The Template.


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