Maggie Rogers – Alaska

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Maggie Rogers – Alaska A few weeks ago I discovered THE Maggie Rogers masterclass with Pharrell Williams. I was immediately mesmerised by Maggie’s presence & maturity. When the song started playing I had goosebumps. It is amazing! The Video Watch the below video from 18.14min to see Maggie Rogers section.  For me, it’s sound is reminiscent of Flight Facilities “Crave You” & The XX “Crystalised”. Although it is definitely stand alone. I really like Pharrell’s comments about being individual, singular & authentic. It crosses over into all creative … Read More

Digital Fabrics Winter Blooms Competition

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Digital Fabrics – Winter Blooms At the beginning of June 2016, Digital Fabrics announced a new fabric design competition, to be held on Instagram, my favourite social media platform! The theme was Winter Blooms. The prize was $500 worth of custom printing on cotton fabric & an opportunity to sell the winning design in their online shop. It has been 2 years since their last competition, that was held on Pinterest. The theme was Botanical Extract. I entered 3 designs & made top 10, but … Read More

Barbara Palvin – Marie Claire Italy – May 2104

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I Just love all of these images! I saw one of them years ago on someones Instagram page, but there was no credit to where they were from. So of course I scoured the net and found the source & found it. I love a bit of detective work. Marie Claire Italy – May 2014 – Barbara Palvin By David Bellemere. My favourite image of all! I love the colour palette! model: barbara palvin (img) photographer: david bellemere stylist: elisabetta massari hair: roberto pagnini (free-lancer) make-up: tatsu yamanaka (mariefrance) Marie … Read More

Project Strong Woman – JeliRAD feature

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    Today I want to share this awesome news with you! Project Strong Woman I met Shauna through periscope, of all places. (At one point I was actually periscoping from time to time… another platform I need to work on!) We’d watch each others live streams, sharing smoothie tips and laughs… and of course we began following each other on Instagram. That’s where I found out about her work Project Strong Woman. Go check it out! The stories Shauna shares are … Read More

Byron Bay Instagrammers Picnic

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Every Tuesday morning at 9am, women (mostly) meet up at The Farm Byron Bay with one thing in common – INSTAGRAM! I attended the first “Farm” Byron Bay Instagrammers meet up, back in May this year. There were lots of lovely people to meet! It was so great to have little chats & get amongst the fun. I even won a Rove playsuit & travel pouches just for showing up & sharing photos on Instagram! I have attended a few meet ups since … Read More

Adorned – Shoot – Part II

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Welcome to Adorned photoshoot part II. I did these a few Fridays ago, with my husband. In the first 7 photos I’m wearing the same outfit that I finished the Adorned shoot part I post on, but with a few Colourful additions. In the rest of the photos I’m wearing a completely different outfit, with gold make up. The jewellery is also changed up! It got rather late, I was feeling tired & a bit delirious, & our DIY lighting was getting harder … Read More

Music – Fever Ray

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Fever Ray – Fever Ray (2009) 01. If I Had A Heart 0:00 02. When I Grow Up 3:49 03. Dry And Dusty 8:20 04. Seven 12:05 05. Triangle Walks 17:15 06. Concrete Walls 21:38 07. Now’s The Only Time I Know 27:18 08. I’m Not Done 31:17 09. Keep The Streets Empty For Me 35:37 10. Coconut 41:17 …more about Karin Dreijer Andersson I first discovered Fever Ray when I saw this promo video for Byron Bay Jewellery Label – … Read More

Vogue – Tomorrows Tribe

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– Vogue Australia | April 2014 | Tomorrows Tribe – Vogue does it again! I know this is from last year, but it will never get old in my book! If you haven’t ever seen this photoshoot, you are in for a treat! I love it! I love everything about this campaign. EVERYTHING! It’s just AMAZING! The texture, the rawness, the layering. The model, the makeup, the hair. The lighting, & the understated elegance of it all! My shoot doesn’t even … Read More

Adorned – Shoot – Part I

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Last Friday My husband and I did an impromptu photo shoot. I was really excited by the September 2015 Patternmash theme – Vuvalini, inspired by the new Mad Max Fury Road film. It reminded me of the AMAZING Vogue April 2014 campaign – Tomorrows Tribe! (I’ll do a separate post to share those images.) The theme Vuvalini made me think about the idea of hoarding beautiful things, collecting treasures, the value we put on what we adorn ourselves in. I wanted to create some images, using ALL my jewellery, … Read More


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The past few weeks I’ve noticed a campaign going around called R U OK? I knew it had something to do with asking your friends if they are ok, and generally taking an interest in people’s well being, to help prevent depression and even suicide. But thats all I knew. I didn’t investigate, no one bought it up in discussion, and no one asked me if I was ok? Not that I even really thought about it, until the last … Read More

Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone – Fairy Tale Illustration

Yesterday I bought “The Water Babies” By Charles Kingsley, illustrated by Anne Grahame Johnstone, from my local Vinnies op shop. The illustrations are so gorgeous. I love the beautiful detail and delicate lines. I had to share their work with you. Janet and Anne are twin sisters, born in Britain in 1928. Read more about them here.   While looking for images to share with you, this one, below, caught my eye. As I studied it closer I realised I … Read More

Terry’s Fabrics Designer Insights – JeliRAD

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Terry’s Fabrics Designer Insights …with Me!!! I was contacted by a lovely man at Terry’s Fabrics about featuring in a “Designer Insights” interview. Of course, I said yes! Check it out! Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics Links to my top 5 picks: 1. Ink Print Repeat – Andrea Lauren Print Design 2. The Template – Sacred Geometry 3. Kawaiian Lion X 8 foot walls – Too Palmy Wallpaper 4. Free Man Skateboarding – Skateboards 5. Roche Bobois – Mah Jong Sofa by Hans Hopfer

Poolside Nostalgia

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About two months ago I joined Patternmash! & IT IS AMAZING! “The Patternmash Project is a monthly creative challenge to respond to a specific theme and collection of images and is open to anybody looking for a “live” brief. Whether you are a student or graduate wanting to refresh your portfolio, a freelancer keen to experiment with a new look or maybe you are a hobbyist designer who would appreciate some honest feedback and new ideas, Patternmash is a one-stop shop providing trend focused … Read More

Hans Hopfer’s “Mah Jong” Sofa

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Hans Hopfer is a painter, sculptor and designer. Read more a bout him here. He Designs The BEST sofa for Roche Bobois. Nothing compares! I LOVE THEM! One day I will have lots of them in my house, in EVERY room (well maybe just two rooms), with lots & lots of colour & corduroy (I bloody love fat corduroy!) & patterns. Bright, bright, beautiful patterns. It would be even more RAD if they had my patterns all over them! 😉 How comfy do they … Read More

Song of the Sea

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I cannot wait to watch this film! The illustrations look AMAZING! “Song of the Sea is a 2014 animated fantasy film by Cartoon Saloon that is directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Tomm Moore. The traditionally animated film, which began production soon after the release of The Secret of Kells (2009), premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on 6 September in the TIFF Kids program.[2] The film is nominated for Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 87th … Read More

Moyo magazine feature

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I have been featured in the latest issue of Moyo magazine – Issue 7 2014, in the Student Showcase section. I’m on page 138! How exciting is that!? I knew I was going to be, but even so, part of me wondered if they’d really include me. Silly self doubt creeping in. But there I am! Alongside a selection of other amazing designers who I greatly respect & admire. Rebecca Ng | Liz Solfield | Carolyn Greifield | Joanne Cocker | Mary … Read More

Liebster Blog Award

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I have been nominated by the lovely Surface Pattern Designer Claudia Owen, to take part in the Liebster Blog Award. Go check out her beautiful designs. The Liebster Award is awarded from blogger to blogger, to share things we love and show our support in the blogging community. If you have never heard of it, like me, check out wording well’s blog post and the liebster award website, although it’s in spanish(?). As part of the nomination I have to answer 10 questions … Read More

JeliRAD Colour Palette – Waipio Valley

This is from Roll #11 of My World Collides, double exposure photo art. Waipio Valley is found along the Hamakua Coast line on the Northeastern side of the Big Island, Hawaii. It is close to the town of Honaka’a. It is a crazy, steep drive down the mountain side road and there are numerous burnt out, crushed cars that paid the ultimate price for ascending into the beautiful, tropical, hidden valley. There is a river that runs to the sea, where we sat and … Read More

The Krumble Empire – Thursday Feature

Kim Von Coels aka Kim Krumble of The Krumble Empire… was Germanly bred by a musician and a mad woman, in Euskirchen, near Cologne. Kim lives in Glastonbury, Somerset Shire, UK… aka The Centre of the Universe. Kim is one of my best friends. We grew up together doing crazy pantomimes with our crazy mums and their crazy friends. We had a generally RAD life growing up in Glastonbury with our big tribe of RAD friends, doing RAD creative things and partying like … Read More

Spot of Yellow – Thursday Feature

The Questions… 1. When did you realise this was your destiny? I have always loved to draw. I love a simple line drawing that tells a story. I really enjoy bold, crisp images that are cute and that relate to my life. When I was 15 I decided that this creative thing was something I really enjoyed and I was kind of ok at it. I have very encouraging parents that supported my passion, even to this day.  2. What has been … Read More

Katherin Deboer – Music Mondays

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So, this is a bit of a follow on from last weeks post. But it’s just a quick one! I listen to Pandora A LOT and I have a station called “Radio Citizen” that plays music that is similar to… Radio Citizen. When the DJ Vadim song came on (from his album The Soundcatcher), I had to research it and share it, because of the vocal! I discovered the featured singer is Katherin Deboer . She used to be part of the band “Belleruche“. More … Read More

Ikea 2015 “bookbook”

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I saw the new IKEA 2015 catalogue “bookbook” campaign the other day. It’s kind of clever and funny… but also kind of REALLY annoying. What do you think? Some people couldn’t live without Ikea, covering every inch of their space with it. Some people are proud of having no Ikea in their home and that they have never set foot in the place! I’m somewhere in between. I love it, but my home isn’t dominated by it, at all. I prefer an eclectic … Read More

JeliRAD Colour Palette – Airlie Beach Palm Trees

This weeks photo is from my 4 month stay in Airlie Beach, QLD, where I worked in a Fuji photo lab at the local chemist. It’s hard to imagine that I didn’t have a fancy phone or a digital camera and I didn’t even know what Facebook was! Using the internet involved checking my emails and that was it! Before Airlie Beach, I picked tomatoes in Bowen, which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone! It was meant to be a 4 week minimum stay, … Read More

Gustaf Tenggren – Fairy Tale Illustration

“Gustaf Adolf Tenggren (November 3, 1896 – April 9, 1970) was a Swedish-American illustrator. He is known for his Arthur Rackham-influenced fairy-tale style and use of silhouetted figures with caricatured faces. Tenggren was a chief illustrator for The Walt Disney Company in the late 1930s, in what has been called the Golden Age of American animation, when animated feature films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Bambi and Pinocchio were produced.” – Wikipedia. Gustaf’s Style is sometimes … Read More

Bajka – Music Mondays

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It took me a while to pick who to share with you today. I finally decided to go with this combo! A friend introduced me to Bonobo when he stayed with us for 5 weeks in 2010. He played me “Days to Come” from the 2006 album “Days to Come“. I became completely obsessed! I listened to it about a hundred times. My daughter (2.5 at the time) loved it too and would sing along as best she could. Bonobo is so chilled out … Read More

JeliRAD Colour Palette – Belongil Beach Heart

I’m not being too precious about which photo I use and what the outcome of the colours are and although I am not immediately drawn to this palette, you just never know how it could translate into a design, until you try it out. It could be incredible! The design process should not be ruled over by a colour palette you may have decided to use. If things flow in a certain direction and a colour becomes unsuitable, just don’t use … Read More

Caroline Alkire – Child of the Mountains

I love discovering amazing new things. Especially when it’s an artist that I have never heard of or ever seen before, and then one day, POP, they become part of my world and open my eyes to see things a little differently and remind me that there really is room for all kinds of creativity and being unique is awesome! So it was about 2 days ago that majestic disorder magazine posted an image by Caroline Alkire, as inspiration on their Instagram. Just like that I was … Read More

JeliRAD Colour Palette – Woolgoolga Beach

Welcome to Colour Palette Wednesdays. I have decided to start making colour palettes from my photo archives. I have so many photo’s that aren’t being used for anything other than adorning my walls (yes real photos on real walls) or hiding in my photo albums (yes real photos in real albums!). So I thought what better way to use them, than to share them with all of you in this fun, colourful, creative way. Most of the colour palettes I have used in my designs so far … Read More

Flowers & Treasures + Flat lays = SO MUCH FUN!

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I have day dreamed about photographing all my sacred geometry, trinkets and treasures in flat lays for a while now. You know… one of those idea’s that you know will be RAD but it just stays at the back of your mind in the “yes it will be fun but you have more important things to do” area… and it just gets left behind. Flats lays have such great impact and are really fun and simple to put together. I love how they aren’t … Read More

Crave you – Music Mondays

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“…it’s true I crave you… “ Yesterday I was having a crappy day and then THIS song came on, on the radio, in the car, at the perfect moment! I cranked up the volume and danced around in the drivers seat, outside my daughters gymnastics club, waiting for her to finish! I think I was spotted by a passer by.. haha! I love it! I have loved it since the first time I heard it, back in 2010. I used to play it … Read More

Money Trees – Music Mondays

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I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure about Kendrick Lamar when I first listened to him. But his album “Good Kid M.A.A.D City” is just so fresh and different, I have become a big fan. “Money Trees” is my favourite track. I just love it & I listened to it on repeat for a while, especially when I was designing a few of the patterns you see on my site. Sorry I couldn’t find an actual music video for “Money Trees”. I don’t think there is an official … Read More


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Welcome to my Flashback Friday post. Back in 2001 I was doing a BTEC Art foundation Course at Strode College, UK. Although I enjoyed the course I felt pretty lost in my direction and speciality skill. While most people were dead set on their area of skill (screen printing, graphic design, film or fine art), I wondered between everything, doing a blend of collage, photography, painting and photoshop. Our 4th assignment brief was “Identity”. That was it… we could do what ever we liked. … Read More

Pattern Design with Pattern Base

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It was in April 2013 that I made the decision to seriously learn about surface pattern design. I’d been searching for about 6 months+ for a course specialising in pattern design, but I could only find TAFE textile courses that didn’t resonate with my vision, and ISCD‘s AMAZING(still on my to do list) looking Surface Design Diploma course, which I couldn’t/still can’t afford. I finally found and signed up to Kristi O’Meara’s Skill Share course Pattern Design: Patterns for Printed Textiles and Products. … Read More

Do it ’til you’re satisfied… whatever it is… – Music Mondays

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…do it, do it ’til you’re satisfied… I woke up this morning, with this song in my head, and I think it might just be the theme song to my design career! I found the live Soul Train performance above, to share with you all… Enjoy! …and DO IT ’til you’re satisfied! Heres the Audio youtube version too…. …and if you have Pandora, type in B.T. Express and get boogying on down in your lounge room! This song by KC … Read More

Creative Business Women’s High Tea

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North Coast Creative Business Women’s High Tea is a new event in my area. At first I wasn’t sure if I should go. I can be quite shy sometimes & I’m not a massively social person. But I have decided I should get out more and be open to new opportunities and experiences. So I booked my spot. I didn’t really know what to expect other than my friend Nina was singing during the break and my friend Sahar was providing yummy Organic Miracles … Read More

Edmund Dulac – Fairy Tale Illustration

Edmund Dulac worked alongside Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham to create successful gift books in the early 20th century.   “Edmund Dulac (born Edmond Dulac; October 22, 1882 – May 25, 1953) was a French magazine illustrator, book illustrator and stamp designer. Born in Toulouse he studied law but later turned to the study of art the École des Beaux-Arts. He moved to London early in the 20th century where he received a commission to illustrate Jane Eyre. Later through his association with a gallery and publishing company … Read More

Kiesza – Music Mondays

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Welcome to Music Mondays! Kiesza released her debut single “Hideaway” in February 2014. I wasn’t sure about it when it started up but something about her red sneakers kept me watching and I’m glad I did! Born in 1981, I grew up being a big fan of 80’s/90’s pop music. Kylie and Madonna of course and all the classics like Aftershock – Slave to the vibe, soul II soul – Back to life etc. Kiesza takes me back to that era and reminds … Read More

Botanical Extract competition

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Botanical Extract Fabric Design Competition. A friend posted a link in a Facebook group to a design competition called Botanical Extract fabric design by Digital Fabric. It was open to Australian residents only! My eyes lit up and I quickly went to see what the competition was about. After a quick read of the prizes I signed up to receive the competition package and as soon as I received it, I set to work and threw myself into it! My three designs were posted … Read More

Rex Ray – Artist Inspiration

Using an amazing technique, Rex Ray produces exquisite and unique works of art that really stand out and ooze style! They have a nostalgic, art deco, retro, curvy vibe and also tap into a fantasy realm which is very appealing to me. The shapes, bright colours and delicate lacy details make his work so stunning. I just love it all! “Rex Ray is a San Francisco based fine artist, whose collages, paintings and design work have been exhibited at galleries and … Read More

Kay Nielsen – Fantasy Fairy Tale Illustration

I am absolutely in love with fantasy fairy tale illustrations from bygone eras. I love getting lost in the imagery, full of wonder, dripping with style, magic, mystery, elegance and intrigue. There is just something gritty and nostalgic about it that makes me want to jump in and become part of the dreamlike fantasy. I am going to look at an extensive array of fairy tale artists, from a list I have compiled, that goes on forever. So brace yourselves for a weekly dose … Read More

Creation in Motion

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Creation in motion is a time lapse video I made when I put one of my ideas into action. I had the idea for a while but having a new born baby put it on hold. Finally I found windows of time to cut out the many petals from old national geographic magazines that haunt every garage sale and op shop I visit. I first made the petal template, which is actually a lot harder than you might think! I … Read More

50 mandalas in 50 days

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50 day mandala challenge! Between module one (Aug 2013) and two (Nov 2013) of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design I decided to keep my creativity flowing by setting myself a little challenge. I set out to draw one mandala a day for 50 days. Most days it went fine.. some days I found it harder to unwind and relax to get into the right head space to just let the drawings appear freely onto the paper. Overall … Read More